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Welcome to FairWonder × MeoWarrior Artists Alliance Program!
As an artist myself, I know how hard it is to just live on what you love.
I started this pet portrait business back in 2018. I still remember the first time I got my first commission. It's just so exhilarating. That is also the first time I felt how social media and business connected me with the same enthusiasts.
Today my team and I know even better about social media and the art/craft businesses regardless of the countless failures we have been through. You can now find my account has gained millions of views all over social media while making a decent income of several thousand dollars in just one day by providing true customer value.
And if there exists the most important thing, we know it's always about the right community and collaboration. 
Hence, we establish this art alliance program on the platform We provide free promotions for artists who struggle to be spotted. Just click the link below to sign up and list your artwork/products on this platform for free! And when people come to visit us(I mean millions of them), your artwork/products will be viewed and bought as well. We are excited to see more and more artists are joining us! But pls contact us before register as our seller:
What's even greater is we are an official TikTok Shop Partner(TSP). This means we can enable the shopping cart feature on your TikTok account like the following on my TikTok account:
The official TikTok solution for Free: a shopping cart directly embedded in your videos or lives. And it's the shortest and easiest way to convert your audience and make thousands of dollars out of it.
You don't need to do anything at the beginning. Just accept the invitation from the app notification from the TikTok platform.
(Be careful about scams that let you click unreliable links. We won't send you any links but you will receive app system notifications.)
However, we do only have a limited quota to enable this function as a TSP. Please be really sure you will make full use of it.
Above all, we are sure this alliance will benefit both you and us in the very long run. We are looking forward to connecting with you! 
Feel free to email us at if you want further information.
Q&A Why are you doing this for free?
  • People often come to our platform and find there are only limited artwork/crafts that interest them and they just leave unsatisfied. We don't want to disappoint them. So this is where you are in to fulfill both theirs and your dream.
  • TikTok subsidizes us for servicing great creators of great potential so that you can make a good living here and generate more quality content to keep its audience entertained. And that is how TikTok survives and works :D which happens to be one of our motivations too!