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FairWonder Custom 3D Glass On Painting Pets Painting Cat/Dog Portrait Art Suitable For All Animals/Pet +Human Portrait Christmas Gift

FairWonder Custom 3D Glass On Painting Pets Painting Cat/Dog Portrait Art Suitable For All Animals/Pet +Human Portrait Christmas Gift

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Style options: 5 layers/7 layers.
The 7-layer painting will be more three-dimensional, so if you want to give a hand-painted painting as a gift, it will be the right choice for you!

painted glass artwork

paintings 3d

layered glass painting

If you want us to paint hairless pets, pls choose the option "7 layers".

Weight: 2kg-3kg

Time to make and deliver: 20~30 working days approximately 
Due to high demand and our single dedicated artist, please allow approximately 30 working days for your hand-painted piece to be completed and delivered.
Your patience is appreciated, as each painting involves extensive effort and attention to detail to capture your special memories.

Suitable for: Any animals (dogs, cats, snakes, birds, tigers, guinea pigs even dinosaurs), people, plants, and any objects or scenes.

This custom hand-painted pet portrait by Linda, featuring one or two pets, makes the perfect piece to mark any significant life event, be it a housewarming, birthday, wedding, paper anniversary, first anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, cat or dog memorial, and more.

Given as a sympathy gift, this will help any grieving friend remember their best friend. Or, gift this item in multiples as an art print set to celebrate that brood of animals someone loves!

With this hand-painted home decor, you can now see your pets in artistic glory. Your custom pet art will show the pet of your choice (based on a photo you provide) as well as the pet's name (if you so choose).

This is the unique hand-painted piece that's sure to be a showstopper—but we can't promise there won't be tears. Celebrate your memories with a piece that freezes impawsible love for eternity. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Amazing Product!

Bought this for my wife when she had to say goodbye to her 15 year old dog/best friend. Loved it so much, bought another one when my aunt had to do the same-my aunt keeps hers on her kitchen counter as she adores it and wants to see it as much as possible!

Fair Wonder helped me sort out my order when I made mistakes, promptly gave me a refund when I overpaid, and was immediately reponsive throughout the process. Shipping comes from China, so it takes a little bit, but is well worth the wait.

Wonderful product and really good company to work with!


Konstantin Eckardt
Its awesome and I Upgraded it

I love my Cat and this is purfect

Konstantin Eckardt
I love it

My Package arrived today and iam so happy with the Quality.

Awesome work, thank you very much

Jane Williams

My daughter was absolutely thrilled, her best friend was so happy and even the parents because they all had loved that cat so much. I just really appreciate it. Thank you so much. My daughter follows you on TikTok and she is a huge fan.

Matthew Shockley
Amazing work!

My wife and I absolutely love how the art turned out. Would definitely buy again in the future!

the maker/vendor

Linda Studio

Linda has always felt a deep connection to animals. Since childhood, she's been drawn to the playful personalities of furry and feathered creatures. As an adult, Linda followed her passion to become a pet portrait artist.
Surrounded by a creative team in her studio, Linda uses her immense talent to capture the spirit of cherished pets in stunning custom 3D glass paintings. She paints directly on glass, bringing the animals to life with whimsical illustrative style. Her collaborators provide artistic insight as Linda renders each unique portrait.
Sharing her imaginative pet portraits online, Linda quickly attracted an audience of fellow animal lovers moved by her heartwarming depictions on glass. Realizing the joy her art brought people, she launched an inclusive online art shop, giving fellow artists a platform to inspire others.
By combining forces with her studio members, Linda spreads delight through her charming pet portraits. Her story shows that when artists come together in support of their passion, they can profoundly touch people’s lives and make the world a brighter place.

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