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Dog or Cat?

Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? Personally, I prefer pet dogs. Dogs like to interact with humans. When you are lonely, she will always cling to you, and she is very naughty, like corgis and border collies. She is very energetic and can bring you a lot of fun .Cats are quieter and accompany you silently.

I heard a story that a couple met a newborn and abandoned dog on their wedding day, named: wedding, this dog was accidentally lost when they went out for a walk with them, fifteen The Queen of Heaven actually sat at the door of her house and waited for her master. Isn't it touching?

Those pet friends are also one of our family members. If your fur kids are gone, you can draw a 3D glass painting to commemorate them. You can also come to our website to see if there are other products you are interested in~
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