Payment Options

We accept the following payment options:

(1). Shopify payment:Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay Installments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, Bancontact, iDEAL

(2). Paypal

(3). FairWonder gift card


Is it risk-free to enter my credit card information on your website?

Yes, your credit card information is secure on our website. We use Shopify to power our online store, and Shopify Payments to securely accept credit cards. Shopify utilizes industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect all customer payment data.

Additionally, you have the option to file a chargeback with your credit card company if an online seller does not deliver the purchased items. This provides an extra layer of protection and assurance.

PayPal likewise has robust buyer protection policies. If you do not receive the product you ordered, you can open a dispute on PayPal and receive a refund. Their system safeguards against sellers taking money without following through on the transaction. So you can purchase with confidence knowing PayPal will issue a refund if your order does not arrive.

At our store, powered by Shopify, you can feel confident your payment details are safe and secure. Please purchase knowing that you have recourse through your credit card company or PayPal if the unlikely event occurs where we fall short on an order. We strive to provide excellent service so you feel secure throughout your shopping experience.

Is it possible to utilize a credit card from outside the United States for payment?

Yes, credit cards issued by banks in particular foreign countries and regions can be used for your order, provided there is a US shipping address associated with the card. When checking out, select from the available nations displayed in the payment section.